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Just like the previous school year, for the 2023/2024 school year, the EduTech Fund aims to stimulate innovation, technology, and interactivity in the Aruban classrooms, by awarding grants to innovation pilot projects designed by schools, teachers, and students in Aruba.


The EduTech Fund allows applications from ALL schools in Aruba - all grades and level of education - in a School Board ('schoolbestuur') recognized by the Department of Education.

We call upon teachers, staff, and schools to apply for a grant for your school today!
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Cycle 1 Winners

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Colegio Bon Bini

Colegio Bon Bini will be transitioning from traditional blackboards to new digital boards and their smartroom will be equipped with new tablets. Their goals are to stimulate student engagement, make classes more interactive and give students the tools to excel in a digital world all while working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Aurora scol preparatorio

With the help of EduTech Fund, Aurora will be transitioning from traditional blackboards to new digital boards, just in time to celebrate their 60th year of educating.



With the help of EduTech Fund, EPI will be acquiring the tools (ColumbusKompas) to have a baseline measurement of their students’ digital intelligence and 21st century skills, so they can become aware of the gaps in the skill sets needed for the future and develop methods to address these gaps.

Cycle 2 Winners



EduCampus will be using the funds to create a MakerSpace that will serve as an incubator to jumpstart design-thinking and make innovation accessible to the youth.

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Pius X School

Pius X School will be taking their teaching to the next level by transitioning from traditional blackboards to new digital boards.

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Maria Goretti college

Maria Goretti College will be creating a balance between hands-on learning and traditional learning by introducing different technologies (laptops, tablets and digital boards) to their 5th grade classes.

Cycle 3 Winners

Untitled design.png

Colegio Laura Wernet-Paskel

Colegio Laura Wernet-Paskel understands the importance of integrating technology into their curriculum to enhance their students’ educational experience. They have organized multiple fundraisers over the years in an effort to transition from traditional blackboards to eBoards. Colegio Laura Wernet-Paskel will be utilizing the EduTech Fund grant to acquire Chromebooks and tablets for their students, and eBoards for their 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, accomplishing their goal of fully equipping their school with modern technology.

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St. Paulus School

St. Paulus School, a forward-thinking and innovative school, has been incorporating Chromebooks into their curriculum for a few years now, with very positive feedback from teachers and students. St. Paulus will be utilizing the EduTech Fund grant to acquire an additional 50 Chromebooks for their 3rd and 4th grade classes, aiming to empower their students with the necessary tools to navigate the digital era confidently.

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Cacique Aterima

Cacique Aterima will be using the Edutech Fund Grant to transform early education for their kindergarteners. Through this grant, Cacique Aterima will be acquiring a collection of STEM toys and applications specifically designed to introduce young minds to the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Cycle 4 Winners

Untitled design (1).png

University of Aruba

University of Aruba will be creating a cutting-edge Tech Lab with the purpose of empowering digital literacy, fostering innovation, and enhancing classroom experiences. This fully equipped lab will elevate education and technology at their school.

Logo Nos Paraiso.png

Scol Preparatorio nos paraiso

Scol Preparatorio Nos Paraiso, and their multi-skilled and creative Team are getting a tech upgrade! They’ll soon have Samsung Flip eBoards in all their classrooms to enhance their learning environment with cool and  interactive content.


St. dominicus college

St. Dominicus College will be empowering students with innovation! They’ll receive iPads and Chromebooks to support their educational journey, and to enhance their previously digitized classrooms.

Cycle 5 Winners


St. Franciscus College

St. Franciscus College willl be focusing on developing skills 21st Century Skills, utilizing iPads and Chromebooks to teach computer proficiency, support learning, provide additional practice opportunities, offer challenges, and facilitate efficient information retrieval and processing during project work.


Colegio Felipe B. Tromp

Colegio Felipe B. Tromp will be establishing a STEAM classroom, empowering children to engage in fun experiments and participate in activities covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Through these experiences, students will develop critical thinking skills, learn to problem-solve creatively, and gain confidence in their abilities to explore and innovate.

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Colegio Sagrado Curason

Clegio Sagrado Curason will be introducing 3D Printers and Cricut Cutting Machines to their Techlab, empowering students to create merchandise, improve digital literacy, and develop design skills. Through hands-on experiences, students also learn about entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, and collaboration with local innovators, preparing them for future opportunities in the 21st century economy.

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