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eLearning Program II: Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

After the success of the first Pilot at Cacique Macuarima and Aterima in 2019-2020, the e-Learning Pilot-Project II at Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel was introduced and completed in May 2021, offering students an opportunity for a more personal and modern learning experience. While incorporating lessons learned and feedback from the first Pilot, the program further created an interactive and stimulating digital environment, and a playful learning experience, while developing 21st century skills. As part of this project, Pastoor Kranwinkel elementary school received e-boards, and computers (ChromeBooks) for teachers and students.

The eLearning Program supports one of the key objectives defined in the Government of Aruba's innovation policy: “Cultivating and retaining talent with a focus on skills for the future workforce”. The program further supports key objectives of the Plan Educacion Nacional 2030 (PEN) and was once again designed and implemented with the SKOA School Board, and key education stakeholders.

Futura thanks the staff of Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel and their Principal Ms. Angeline Leung for their dedication and efforts to make this a reality.

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