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The Tech Lab at Colegio Sagrado Curason

In 2021 Colegio Sagrado Curason presented the idea for a creative Tech Lab at their school, and started approaching partners to help them realize this vision. In 2022, seeing the driving force behind this project and the proposed concept, Futura committed to help redesigning a potential room, contributing with equipment, and assist the school in their fundraising endeavors. With multiple other partners onboard, the old classroom is being transformed into a fully functional Tech Lab equipped with with electronic and digital tools that assist and stimulate the students to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by using a variety of equipment.

Due to be officially launched in October, the students and teachers of Colegio Sagrado Curason will have the opportunity to learn in fun and interactive ways, and in a stimulating environment. There will also be a Lab Manager who will guide the students on the usage and application of various tools and technology that the Lab provides. The Lab will also be a facility to train the trainers, and hopefully other schools will get the opportunity to experience this unique lab too!

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