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eLearning Program III: St. Franciscus College

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

In 2021, St. Franciscus College became the 4th school to join the eLearning project, on a slightly smaller scale. The students and teachers were provided with a more interactive experience in the classrooms, and continuously get access to valuable online resources. Being a smaller school, all classrooms were equipped with Digital Boards and necessary software, and additionally the teachers were equipped with Chromebooks to be able to give lessons digitally, access learning software, and enhance the overall experience for all.

So far, nearly 800 students have been reached through the eLearning programs by Futura and the Government of Aruba. eLearning is changing our education system for the better, while enhancing the value of regular classroom learning. The eLearning program ensures that Aruba's efforts towards digitization of education combines aspects of both classroom learning and online learning methods. Walking hand in hand both act as a support system to each other, which enhances our students' methods of learning.

Futura thanks the staff of St. Franciscus College and their Principal Mrs. Nadine Kirindongo for their dedication and efforts to make this a reality.

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