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Applications for EduTech Fund are currently closed

Submit your project plan and apply for your school to become part of the Edutech initiative. Once we receive your application, an independent body of judges will evaluate your project plan. After approval, the funds will be allocated to the project, and we move on to implementation! Data gathered, and evaluated results from the pilot projects will be shared with the relevant educational stakeholders.

Who can Apply and Submit Project Concepts?
  • All schools in Aruba, in a school board ('schoolbestuur') recognized by the Department of Education are eligible to participate in this fund

  • Have a working A/C system (minimum: where technology/hardware will be used and stored)

  • Have a working security system in order (either: alarm, cameras, security on premises)

  • Have a proper insurance in place (either: 'Inboedelverzekering', Fire & Extended Perils, Burglary, etc.)

What type of projects should be submitted for a Grant? Criteria:
  • Have a complete project plan [click here to download an example] designed by you and adhering to the criteria.

  • Grant & Funds can be used for Innovation in classrooms or on school premises to stimulate creativity and interactivity (Hardware/Software)

  • Grant & Funds can cover Initial licenses and software up to a year (no recurring expenses)

  • The proposed Project should have a Goal.

  • Have a transparent Budget & Attach Quotes/Estimates

  • Have an Evaluation System in place to review project results. Applicants must submit the results of the evaluation between 3-9 months after implementation (What worked, what did not and how will you measure?)

  • Kick-off of the project and Timeline for execution phase must be able to start within one (1) month of funds being granted/allocated.

  • Relevant School board must sign off on application (co-signed by applicant and school board)

Tips to Consider for your Project:
  • It is ideal, but not required, for the project to have a long-term vision and indicate whether this project can sustain itself in the future, should it have a continuation.

  • Request multiple- and different Quotes/Estimates for proposed equipment/hardware for completeness

  • An impactful project usually reaches, and engages many students throughout the school

Use your imagination, think outside the box, involve your students, and design cutting edge innovation pilots for your schools!


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