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about Aruba Futura Foundation

Futura is an Innovation Lab and its team supports among others the Aruba Government in the design, development and implementation of a national innovation strategy, focusing on 3 main pillars: people, planet and prosperity. Each project or initiative is designed to contribute towards a thriving innovation ecosystem, and an enabling environment for future innovators. Futura is committed to creating a better more sustainable future for our people, planet and communities, by applying the U.N. 2030 SDG Framework and leveraging the island of Aruba as its experimental lab for sustainable solutions. Futura has led and collaborated for the design and execution of over 50 project since 2018. Learn more about Futura at

Edutech fund

EduTech Fund is a platform for schools in Aruba to submit applications (project concepts) to implement innovation in education pilot projects, designed by the schools based on innovation opportunities they identify. In the past Futura regularly received 'funding requests' or applications for school projects, and where eligible, most of the project design was constructed by Futura in consultation with the school and stakeholders. This new EduTech Fund is meant to move away from incomplete 'funding requests', and move towards funding complete applications and well-thought out projects by the schools themselves. In this way, Futura can collaborate with- and support more initiatives at once, and share evaluated data with the necessary educational stakeholders.

Main Goal:

Just like the previous school year, for the 2023/2024 school year, the EduTech Fund aims to stimulate innovation, technology, and interactivity in the Aruban classrooms, by awarding grants to innovation pilot projects designed by schools, teachers, and students in Aruba.

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