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eLearning Program I: Cacique Macuarima & Aterima

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

In 2019, the Government of Aruba and Futura announced the first eLearning Pilot Project. The Cacique Macuarima elementary school in Santa Cruz was chosen as the first school for this eLearning Pilot Project. As part of this project, the elementary school received e-boards, computers, and VR goggles for the entire school. This project supports key objectives of Aruba’s National Education Plan 2030 (PEN) and was designed and implemented in consultation with key education stakeholders. This eLearning pilot project was a collaboration between Futura Lab, the SKOA School Board, and key innovation and education stakeholders on the island, and helped build necessary momentum for the PEN.

The Cacique Macuarima (and its sister kindergarten school Aterima, jointly “CMA”) schools are known for having energetic and proactive teachers, as well as a very active parents committee. Together they identified innovation opportunities and were eager to collaborate towards e-Learning, the incorporation of more STEM in the school’s curriculum, and the development of 21st century skills. The goal of this pilot project was to digitize the CMA classrooms and equip the school and teachers with the right tools to enable CMA to expand its digital education offering and STEM curriculum.

With the acquisition of the new equipment, CMA expanded the use of the computer room and incorporated additional IT and STEM subjects in its curriculum. The pilot project was an excellent opportunity to test out new teaching materials in a small setting, and the learnings from this project were applied when rolling out similar projects at other schools in Aruba.

Futura thanks the staff of Cacique Macuarima and Aterima, their Parents Committee and their Principals Ms. Rachelle Croes-Castera and Ms. Maritza Carrion for their dedication and efforts to make this a reality.

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